Joomla, Wordpress CMS


Content Management Systems have become very popular today. Even non techies have heard of CMS, particularly WordPress. WordPress makes managing your website a breeze.

Why CMS?

Content Management System (CMS) websites enable everyday non technical people to manage their own website. It is extremely easy to use. In fact novices don’t need any training at all and can jump straight into changing content.

With other static and dynamic websites, web designers and developers are required to make simple changes. In addition to that, other knowledge such as FTP and database skills may be required. This makes it a daunting task for a non technical person to make even tiny amendments to their website.

With a CMS, you will be able to create new pages or edit existing content all by yourself from the luxury of your laptop or macbook. Change the style, menu, footer, write a blog or upload a picture. All these tasks are as easy as a, b and c.

Adding and editing of products become a breeze. Today’s CMS can handle so much more, not just managing website content. They can be enhanced to showcase your products and services, sell and manage products online and much much more.

This gives you control and freedom to make changes whenever you want.

No wonder everyone loves WordPress!

Come to the experts

We are very experienced in cms website development such as WordPress and Joomla! web application development with many years behind us. We design, customize and modify these CMS to reflect your brand, organization the way you want it.

Extensions or plugins are created so that core files are not modified. This makes our work sustainable and extendable.

Our Joomla! experts do jobs the proper way and follow documentation and proper guidelines.

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