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Mobile app development dubai

Mobile Apps are the craze now. The hype is not just all froth but has a lot of substance indeed. Along with social media, mobile apps can be considered disruptive technologies as they shift and influence entire markets.

We are focused on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. Expand your reach, be where your user base are.. right into their mobile phones and smartphones. Jumpstart your mobile app development dubai with us.

Why go mobile?

According to recent studies, traffic from mobile devices have overtaken desktop systems. This means more people are using mobile to access the web compared to the traditional desktops.

The percentage is increasing day by day and consumers are shifting to mobile. With the constant drop in smartphone prices, larger screens and aggressive telecom data offerings, this percentage is set to be drastically lopsided in the coming years.

Can you afford to not be available on mobile devices and customers’ fingertips?

Along with a mobile website, mobile apps can achieve a lot of objectives for an organization such as extending marketing reach, providing better customer service, spreading information or just being one step closer to its customers.

With your very own mobile apps, you will live in customers’ pockets or purses always. You can be in touch with them through notifications. You can make it very easy for them to send you pictures or complaints. There are tons of innovative ways you can leverage to bring your customers close to you.

Devices we target

We target all these devices
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Google Android
  • Samsung android phones like Galaxy S5 and S6
  • Samsung android tablets like Galaxy Tab
  • HTC android phones