Google Adwords, Search engine markerting Dubai

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the management of ads in search engines and related properties so as to drive targeted traffic to your websites.

We are experts in Search engine marketing, Dubai SEM and Google Adwords.

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Activities performed for SEM

  • We manage the campaigns
  • Analyze keywords, profitability, Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Analyze goal conversions
  • Run multiple campaigns to assess the better performing one
  • Tweak, improve and repeat to quickly deduce the campaign that works
  • Reporting
  • Suggestions to client regarding campaign results, budget adjustment and others

How is Search Engine Marketing different from Search Engine Optimization?

In Search Engine Marketing (SEM) we pay Google or other search engines for displaying ads. It can be on per impression or per click basis. SEM is excellent for getting traffic to your site. They usually have a higher conversion rate than SEO. SEM involves a lot of detailed analysis on campaign performance and improvement. SEM gives you immediate short term results.

However once the campaign is halted, the advertisements ceases to display and traffic from that campaign will stop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work done both on your website (on page) as well as off it (off page), to rank higher in organic results of search engines.

Search engines have 2 distinct results for searches, one organic and the other paid advertisements. SEO targets the former while SEM targets the latter.

Which is better – SEO or SEM?

It is difficult to compare like this. Both gives tremendous benefits and are extremely important to get potential business and leads.

If we are to compare, we need to look at a lot of factors such as time frame, budget and objective.

Some differences are highlighted below –

  • SEM is short term, SEO is long term
  • SEM is more expensive, SEO is more affordable
  • SEM gives instant results, SEO takes a few months
  • Once campaign is stopped SEM traffic stops. SEO traffic comes even after stopping SEO campaign.

It is advisable to go with both SEM and SEO if budget permits.