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Static Web Design

Static websites are simple websites which do not connect to the database. These websites are usually small in size with few pages or products. The user interaction is typically limited.

Why static website?

Static websites are good for startups and small organizations. It can be designed faster and would probably cost less.

Start up companies need to limit their budget and marketing spend. Funds are focused on running the business and surviving. Yet it cannot do without a very basic website in today’s world. Websites are required to bring in potential business and promote good corporate image. So a static website in such cases is a perfect fit.

What we offer

Our Static web design package includes amazing designing visuals to wow your visitor. Simplicity is key to a good web design. Avoiding clutter and excess allows visitors to have a great experience at your website.

With expert consultants, designers and customer service teams having many years of experience, you are assured of an excellent website creation experience.

What else we offer

Our static website design is part of our Web Design services. Our other options include  Advanced, CMS and Ecommerce web designing.